What can a raspberry pi be used for?

The Raspberry Pi can be used to connect to a wireless hotspot, or as a controller for a mechanical prosthesis, as a simple homemade notebook, or as a toy car, as a garage door switch, or as a website The backend server builds the website.
What can a raspberry pi be used for?
The Raspberry Pi is a microcomputer, called RaspberryPi in English, abbreviated as RPi. It was originally designed for learning computer programming education, and its shape is only the size of a credit card.
The system of Raspberry Pi is based on Linux. With the release of Windows 10 IoT, it can also run on Windows, and the memory is 256MB, 512MB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, etc.
The Raspberry Pi was developed by the "Raspberry Pi Charity Foundation" registered in the United Kingdom. In March 2012, Eben Upton of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom officially put it on sale, with all the basic functions of a PC.