How to get raspberry pi into graphical interface

method 1:

In the case of a local operation on the screen, the first startup can be if it is a command line

Enter startx and press Enter to confirm to directly enter the graphical interface

Method 2:

After entering the command line, enter: sudo raspi-config and press Enter, it will enter the Raspberry Pi system setting interface

Choose 3 Boot Options Choose whether to boot into a des

B1 Console Text console, requiring user to login

B1 console text console, requires user login

B2 Console Autologin Text console, automatically logged in as 'pi' user

B2 text console console auto-registration, auto-login as "PI" user

B3 Desktop Desktop GUI, requiring user to login

B3 desktop interface, requiring user to log in

B4 Desktop Autologin Desktop GUI, automatically logged in as 'pi' user

B4 Desktop GUI Desktop auto-registration, auto-login as "PI" user

A pop-up window for you to confirm, select YES

Save and restart, and see if it directly boots into the big strawberry graphical interface

Method 3:

Use the debian method to automatically log in at boot and enter the graphical interface

Power on enter username and password

sudo nano /etc/inittab Enter

find this sentence


Change 2 to 5

Save the file (Ctrl + O shortcut Enter to save Ctrl + X shortcut to exit Nano Editor)

sudo reboot reboot

Enter the graphical login interface

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