What can Raspberry Pi do?

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
What can Raspberry Pi do?

The Raspberry Pi 4 is a miniature ARM-based computer motherboard that has shipped 3 million units to date. Yet many people get a Raspberry Pi and suddenly don't know what to do with it. Now I will summarize what those Raspberry Pi players use Raspberry Pi to do and what Raspberry Pi can do.

1. Wireless hotspot
This is probably the most people on earth to do one thing - the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B motherboard will be plugged into the network cable and USB wireless card, after the configuration can be used as a wireless hotspot

2. Simple homemade laptop
Raspberry Pi and LCD LCD panel connected, plus the mouse and keyboard and power supply, find a beautiful case on, it becomes a simple homemade laptop

3. Control the garage door switch
There are also Raspberry Pi to control the garage door, and then combined with Siri remote garage switch of the master

4. Surveillance shooting
Finally, there are connected to the camera, connected to WiFi as a small shooting device, small size, easy to hide, I will tell you that this thing is used for scientific research?

5. Build a website
Raspberry Pi an obvious use is as a website backend server. I have used it for a while and will be doing so again soon. The Raspberry Pi has enough power to handle static websites, and some web frameworks are no problem. I've built a Flask framework on it, and I've even heard of people building a Wordpress directly on the Raspberry Pi.

6. Home network storage
With very low power consumption, Raspberry Pi can be a perfect NAS (Network Attached Storage). Previously I connected a 500GB laptop hard drive to the Raspberry Pi, and installed an operating system on it. I could store many files on it that needed to be transferred between different computers. Then connect it via SFTP and then access it from any machine at home (even if not at home, it's not a problem as long as the routing is set right). You can also install Samba on the pie so that both Macs and PCs can be accessed more easily.