What is the raspberry pi motherboard for?

raspberry pi
Raspberry Pi is an ARM-based microcomputer motherboard with SD/MicroSD card as memory hard drive. There are 1/2/4 USB ports and a 10/100 Ethernet port around the card motherboard, which can be connected to keyboard, mouse and network cable. , At the same time with video analog signal TV output interface and HDMI high-definition video output interface.
raspberry pi
  The Raspberry Pi uses an SD card as a "hard drive", or an external USB hard drive. With a Raspberry Pi, you can edit Office documents, browse the web, and play games, even if they require a powerful graphics accelerator.

  The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized microcomputer designed for computer programming education, and its system is based on Linux.

  Extended Information:

  There are two types of Raspberry Pi: A type and B type. Main type A: 1 USB, no wired network interface, power 2.5W, 500mA, 256MB RAM; B type: 2 USB, support wired network, power 3.5W, 700mA , 512MB RAM.

  ModelA has no network interface, reducing 4 USB ports to 1. In addition, compared to Model B, Model A has reduced memory capacity and a smaller size design. The Model A is arguably a cheaper version of the Model B.

  Although a budget version, the new Model A also supports the same MicroSD card reader, 40-pin GPI connection port, Broadcom BCM2385 ARM11 processor, 256MB of memory and HDMI output as the Model B.

  In terms of configuration, the Model B+ uses the same BCM2835 chip and 512MB of memory as the Model B, but compared with the previous generation, the B+ version has lower power consumption and richer interfaces.

  The B+ type increases the number of general-purpose input and output pins to 40, and the USB interface also increases from 2 to 4 in the B version. In addition, the power consumption of the B+ model is reduced by about 0.5W to 1W. The old SD card slot has been replaced with a better-looking push-in microSD card slot, and the audio section uses a low-noise power supply.