Raspberry Pi image searcher, based on Tensorflow lite

raspberry pi
Introduce an image search platform based on Tensorflow lite target detection that can be deployed on Raspberry Pi.
  • Search images based on URL connection
  • Search for images based on uploaded images
raspberry pi
raspberry pi

environmental needs

  • numpy==1.16.2
  • Flask>=1.0.0
  • requests==2.22.0
  • Pillow>=6.2.0
  • Google Edge TPU or Tensorflow Lite ( deployment instructions )


The platform is based on flask, a lightweight WSGI web framework, which can be run with just one line of command:
python3 server.py
Then visit //  (Port 5000 of Raspberry Pi) through a browser .
If you are using a USB accelerator, please refer to the object detection section of compiling Tensorflow Lite on Raspberry Pi here .