Homeschooling the micro:bit: Animated Name Badges

Step 1: Make

working principle
The LED display output of the micro:bit can display text, numbers and pictures.

The program shows you how to scroll text on the screen to let people know your name and display a picture.

An infinite loop keeps the sequence going until you unplug the micro:bit from the battery or USB lead.

Scrolling text on LED displays is often used to display bus and train information. Can you think of any other uses for scrolling text on micro:bits?

Bill of Materials
micro:bit (or MakeCode emulator)

MakeCode or Python editor

battery pack (optional)

Step 2: Coding

Step 3: Improve

If you press button A or B, a different message will be displayed.

Spell your name one letter at a time.

Design a way to wear the micro:bit badge using threads, tape or Velcro. (Do not use safety pins as the metal can damage your micro:bit.)

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