Introduction to micro:bit development tools

Introduction to micro:bit development tools
In the last issue, we introduced the composition of the micro:bit development board and the sensors on board.

Today we will talk about the tools for micro:bit development. In terms of classification, development tools can be grouped into three categories

In terms of programming methods, they can be divided into three categories.

Building Blocks
The official recommended editors include the following two main types

Python editors

The MakeCode editor

For those who have no basic programming skills, a building block approach is recommended, so we strongly recommend using Microsoft's

MakeCode editor

MakeCode editor download method

Mobile (mobile) can be downloaded from App Store[2] or Google Play[3] by searching for micro-bit, for some reason Google Play is not accessible, so if you need an app you can follow the public number, leave me a message and I will send it to you.
Desktop can be downloaded by searching for makecode in the Microsoft Store.

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