micro:bit Basic Tutorial - Introduction to the basic expansion modules

When we click on the expansion module, it looks like there are a lot of blocks inside, don't be intimidated by this, we should not try to do it one by one, this will be half the effort. Instead, we should look at them to see if we can find commonalities, and by looking at them we can see that the following blocks have some commonalities.
Display function

We can see that some of the following blocks have a common name with the word display in their names, and then we can verify our idea by dragging and dropping them to show that they do belong to similar functions. Therefore they can be grouped together.

If you look carefully, you will find display arrows, display icons, display LEDs where the arrows, icons we can all display through LEDs, so we can classify them into this category of images.

Through the above classification, we can conclude that for the 5x5 LEDs on the panel, the following three types can be displayed:

Program execution

For example, I learned from the documentation that the following three blocks are all program execution related blocks.

When powering on

This is the operation that will be performed after we power on the micro:bit, where we usually set up some things that we need to set up when the program is executed. It's like when we go to school, we have to organize our school bag, put on our school badge and so on.

Infinite Loop

Infinite loop is the main function of our program, because the computer is best at repetitive execution, infinite loop is like an electric fan shaking its head, from left->right->left. The representation is a loop, left->right is not a loop.


The default unit of time is ms, that is, milliseconds, here involves a unit of conversion, 1000 milliseconds = 1 second

By classifying and generalizing, we can quickly grasp the basic. The building blocks of this extension module, we use pictures for representation as follows.

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