How to play with micro:bit? 5 simple steps to get started with hardware programming in no time

Step 1: Connect the micro:bit to the computer

Connect your micro:bit to your computer using a micro USB cable. Your micro:bit will show up on "My Computer" under the name "MICROBIT", but be aware that it is not an ordinary USB flash drive!

Step 2: Program it on your computer

You can use the MakeCode editor, or Python for micro:bit programming.

MakeCode Editor

The MakeCode editor uses drag-and-drop building blocks for graphical programming, with JavaScript as the core language, so try it out! In this example, it is possible to make the micro:bit display a blinking heart pattern.

Python Editor

The Python editor allows users to program in the currently popular Python language. Try this example! It will also display a flashing heart pattern on the micro:bit!

Step 3: Download the program to your computer

Click the Download button in the editor. A file called "hex" will be downloaded to your computer, which is a small file for micro:bit to read. Once the hex file is downloaded, you can copy it to the micro:bit, just like copying a regular file to a USB flash drive.

On Windows, you can also right-click on the hex file and select "Send to → MICROBIT".

Step 4: Play with it

When the micro:bit is reading the program it will pause while the yellow LED behind it starts flashing. Once the reading is complete, the program will automatically start running!

What fun things will you create? Your micro:bit can respond to its two buttons, light, motion and temperature, and it can even transmit wireless information to other micro:bits via the "Radio" function.

Note: The micro:bit can only receive and not store hex files, so each time you send it a new hex file, it will automatically "forget" the previous program.

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